Important Message

Hey there, if you are looking to get Free Gift Cards then you have come to the Perfect Place. We currently have limited Gift Cards to give away. You have to follow below steps carefully to receive your Gift Cards.

  1. Click on ” I want my Gift cards” option below. Please note that we can give only 1 Gift Card to each user/ip.
  2. You will be redirected to another page.
  3. Try to complete as many offers/surveys as possible.
  4. If you complete 5 offers then you will get $1, 10 offers = $2 and so on.
  5. If you complete 100 offers then you will get a whopping $25 bonus !!
  6. You need to complete atleast 5 offers to get $1, otherwise you won’t receive any cards.
  7. After successful completion of tasks, fill the contact form with your offername and your details to receive the Gift Cards within 48 hours post Validation.
  8. Please Note: If you submit incorrect email address then you can’t receive your Free Gift Cards. That’s it. Happy Earning Free Gift cards!!